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Koala 100% Sublimation Sticker Paper Transparent Waterproof Vinyl

Koala 100% Sublimation Sticker Paper Transparent Waterproof Vinyl

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  • This is a specail sticker paper that can be used with sublimation ink, when you finish the sublimation process, you can print stickers without changing ink or printer, so convenient!
  • Waterproof and 100% transparent, you can create beautiful and long-lasting stickers for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • More vibrant colors compared to regular stickers and will not fade in outdoors.
  • Using koala sublimation stickers, you can personally DIY the stickers you need anywhere you want. You can create logos, symbols, photos or folder labels, etc. Bringing you endless joy!
  • TIPS: Koala Transparency sublimation sticker paper only applicable to printers that use sublimation ink and sublimation paper. Normal ink and paper will not work with our stickers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Catherine Blair
Wonderful product!

This has been so much fun and easy to use. The directions are clear and includes pictures. I added stickers to a cup a week ago and after 10 washes, the stickers are still on perfectly. Haven’t faded or peeled. As with any vinyl or decals, do not soak, not dishwasher safe.

Lillian Dickerson
Water proof

The sticker paper is a quality medium. After printing your image on your sublimation paper, you heat press it onto the sticker paper. The sticker paper accepts a lot of the ink at least 93%. After letting it sit for just two minutes it does not smudge or smear. The color is bright And the lines are crisp. When cutting your image out, you do really need to tack down the corners of the paper, or it will curl up while cutting due to it being double layer. It cuts easily with the cricket or. My laser point cutter as long as you have a cutting mat, it will work. They pull off easily and they apply to the surface easily. They are really waterproof. I have stuck a sticker on the mailbox and it is holding out even in the weather. It is a good price for the quality in the amount you get.

Silvia z

This is the second brand of sublimation stickers I’ve used. I’m impressed with the quality of this sticker paper.

These sublimate very well. The colors are vibrant. The recommended settings of 370℉ for 35-40 seconds is perfect.

I use an Easy Press - don’t have a clam shelf one yet. With any of this sublimation sticker paper, make sure to put some pressure on the middle or else you get some faded looking spots.

Because these are sublimated, they are waterproof and the ink doesn’t run. They are ready to cut as soon as the sheet cools off.

If cutting on a die-cut machine, you need to mirror the image, print it, sublimate on to this sticker paper, then turn mirror off before you but. That was a great tip I learned

The transparency on these is very clear. Not sure if that is the right way to word that. It really is transparent. Tried to capture it in a few photos I’m attaching. It is great to use if you want to add labels to clear jars or storage containers.

I’m very happy with this paper and would get it again.


Horrible! I was sold on the advertisement, but the actual process was awful! I pressed according to the instruction in the paper package, and it was horrible! I ended up wasting 5 sheets in total when I finally gave up and contacted customer service. Horrible customer service too! The representative who I was communicating with wanted to know the exact brand of my sublimation printer, the brand of my heat press, temperature, time and asked me to try it out at different temperature and timing. As frustrating as it was, their customer service sucked as well!!! I do not recommend and will NOT be ordering from this seller again!